Business as we know it is technology driven. This, when properly enabled and constantly applied offers opportunities to align itself with the business. Realizing those opportunities require consistent processes - predictable, repeatable, enforceable and manageable. This can be attained through proper service management, by the implementation of process frameworks such as IT Infrastructure Library, ISO20000 standards, Lean IT practices and Six Sigma methodologies. Implementing proper IT service management practices can be a challenge with cost considerations and resistance to change from within the IT department and the business. We not only help you implement best practices in IT service management but also ensure a smooth transition towards it.

Through the implementation of the ITIL framework, we assist Businesses to achieve the following:

  • 1Assess the Business processes that can benefit from an ITIL implementation and use benchmarks to evaluate the status of existing processes
  • 2Help establish a Service Desk and defined the necessary Service Level Agreements
  • 3Outline Incident Management procedures and help improve its resolution rate
  • 4Streamline the Change Management process and minimize unplanned and last minute changes
  • 5Handle Capacity Management in order to forecast the necessary capacity in the feature and prevent the situation where resources are insufficent
  • Our overall perspection of ITIL Service Management is illustrated in the below image :

  • 6Implement Configuration Management so that there is faster resolution and restoration of services.
  • 7Align the ITIL based implementation with ISO20000 standards, help Business attain certification in it and gain customer confidence.
  • 8Perform Release Management so that new releases meet their proposed objective and incompatibility issues are minimized
  • 9Help establish a Service Desk and defined the necessary Service Level Agreements
  • 10Undertake Problem Management to investigate the underlying cause of any real or potential anomalies and find a possible solution at the earliest

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