For us, Dev Ops is a culture where change is constant for the development team and the operations team looks toward stability and for them to live in harmony, we meticulously design our change and release management strategy where identifying and communicating potential conflict lies at the heart of it. We believe in failing quick, safe and delivering fast. Hence, we adopt a test-driven Agile Scrum methodology with short iterative test cycles. Our user stories are detailed but written in short measurable units and our use and test cases comprehensive. Combine this with our fantastic continuous integration and deployment life cycle and you have a winner.

Following are some of the key elements of our Agile, Dev Ops and Continuous Delivery cycle:

  • 1Conduct effective daily stand ups, sprint planning and retrospectives meetings.
  • 2Share are expertise in a Scrum Master and Agile Coach role.
  • 3Build better predictability, transparency and collaboration through our development methodology.
  • 4Drive it with a business and customer focus with frequent feedback loops where change is quickly embraced.
  • 5Receive a functional "ready for market" product after just a few iterations, obtaining satisfactory results.
  • Our overall perspection of AGILE and DEV OPS is illustrated in the below image :

  • 6Deliver through our continuous integration, automated testing and continuous deployment strategy.
  • 7Build upon our version control and configuration management system.
  • 8Deploy our Blue Green Deployment Strategy to ensure zero downtime during cut over.
  • 9Benefit from our Feature Flags and Canary Release methods for A/B testing.
  • 10Orchestrate your solutions with our IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services.

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