The problem with operational activities is that they are a victim of a work culture wherein work fills time available. Put a team to a task and they will accomplish it in due course of time. Add a timeline to it and see them scramble around to get it done. Happy!! I’m guessing not really. Why? Well, was the objective of the task clearly defined? What goal was it supposed to meet? Who are the beneficiaries? How is the time, money and effort spent towards it being justified? What are the risks involved in undertaking the task? Does the task to be accomplished have any constraints like time, cost and quality and if yes, how is it being met? Was this task undertaken before and if yes, what were the lessons learnt? With Project Management as our core competency, we help you answer these questions and set up a proper Project Office..

We help you make your workplace more result oriented by providing the following services:

  • 1Break down the business needs into technological solutions and services. Convert these and other business strategies into project portfolios.
  • 2Through Project Porfolio Management, work with these projects by defining, structuring and prioritizing them.
  • 3Improve project success through risk assessment and continued project control and tracking.
  • 4Render value driven Project Management Services by ensuring all project decisions link to the business outcomes our clients wish to achieve (ie: scope changes enhance business outcomes and not detract from them).
  • 5Ensure that all activities implemented as part of the project life cycle follow the company's IT Service Mangement policies and meet the Regulatory and Compliance requirements.
  • Our overall perspection of Project Mgmt is illustrated in the below image :

  • 6Follow the Information Security guidelines at all times during project execution.
  • 7Confirm that the Project scope and deliverables cover our client's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery objectives.
  • 8Smoothly transition our project deliverables upon completion to the IT operations team by briefing them and helping define Service Level Agreements for support related tasks during the Go Live phase.
  • 9Perform Post Project Implementation review and document Lessons Learned for future references as part of Project Closure.
  • 10Achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering the project on time, within budget and with no compromise on quality.

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